Fireplace, Stove & Insert Maintenance & Tune-ups

Your beautiful fireplace, stove or insert should be “tuned-up” annually to keep it in top-of-the-line working condition. A yearly service call keeps your appliance running like new, and Comforts of Home is the company to perform this service! Failure to have your fireplace, stove or insert inspected each year can lead to problems.

We are a professional service provider, and our experience with fireplaces, stoves and inserts guarantee that you have a company on your side that you can trust. Our team will inspect your fireplace, stove or insert and then talk you through each step of the inspection. By the time we leave your home, you’ll know exactly what was inspected and the results of that inspection. Best of all, if there are any parts to be replaced, we will more than likely be able to fix it on the spot!

Below is a sample, but we are not limited to what might need to be inspected when we come out to tune-up your fireplace, stove or insert:

  • Blower inspection
  • Glass cleaning
  • Cleaning and vacuuming
  • Pilot check
  • Combustion chamber inspection
  • Gas log placement
  • Wiring inspection
  • Ignition adjustment
  • Gas valve testing
  • Thermostat and remote performance
  • Carbon Monoxide check
  • Thermocouple/pile voltage
  • Gas leak/gas pressure inspection

After a thorough inspection from our team, you can rest easy in front of your fireplace, stove or insert. It will have been checked, cleaned, and cleared for the winter. Call us today to schedule your annual tune-up, and keep you fireplace running smoothly!