Fireplace, Stove & Insert Service & Repair

Comforts of Home has everything you need to service and repair your fireplace, stove or insert. Proper and regular fireplace, stove or insert servicing is necessary to keep your appliance looking nice and running efficiently. We are ready to inspect your fireplace, stove or insert to ensure your safety and comfort during the winter months. Trust us to give you sound quality advice, fair prices, and dependable service.

Quality Repairs

Do you feel like your fireplace, stove or insert is losing heat? Comforts of Home has qualified and skilled professionals who can diagnose your concerns. Whether you need a valve replaced or a pilot light inspected, we’ve got all the tools and experience necessary to have your fireplace, stove or insert in working condition. Call us today for a free estimate!

Thorough Servicing

Regular maintenance and inspections will extend the longevity of your appliance by servicing it annually. Call us to have one of our licensed professionals come to your home and prepare your fireplace, stove or insert for a long winter!

When our professionals come out to service your fireplace, stove or insert, we will do a complete inspection to make sure that your product is operating to manufacturer specifications and working properly for the entire season. Our team’s number one priority is your safety, comfort, and happiness in our products and services.

For Customer Service or to Schedule Maintenance give us a call at 775-778-6706.