Big Green Eggs


The Big Green Egg is the world’s most versatile charcoal cooking device on the planet. Made from advanced ceramics, the Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so that foods won’t dry out. This gives you unmatched cooking results. At first sight, the Big Green Egg just looks like another grill. But it’s so much more – it also acts as an oven and smoker! It’s the only outdoor cooker you will ever need because of the amazing variety of foods that can be cooked on it. The Big Green Egg can sear hamburgers, pork chops, steaks and fish. You egg will also bake pizzas, cakes, bread, cookies and can smoke chicken, turkey, lamb, ham, and ribs for hours!

The Big Green Egg is easy to start, to temperature control, to clean up, and you’ll have it for a lifetime! Just light your natural lump charcoal with a fire starter and your Big Green Egg is ready to use.  The air flow control can adjust your temperature anywhere from 150 to 750F. The green glaze on the shell of the Egg wipes off easily and the interior acts like a self-cleaning oven. Grease inside will be burned off by the Egg’s residual heat. Made from ceramic, the outer shell of the grill doesn’t get as hot as metal grills, making it much safer to use.

When you buy purchase a Big Green Egg, you have it for LIFE!  Stop by Comforts of Home today & let us show you what makes the Big Green Egg the “Ultimate Cooking Experience.”

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